Biz_CAD, a free and cutting edge business modeling solution provided by BizArchitec Corporation

BizArchitec Corporation supports optimization of business modeling and BPR/BPM through providing Biz_CAD, a business modeling tool.

New generation of the business modeling tool

Biz_CAD is a new generation of business modeling tool optimized for business modeling and business visualization.



Functional configuration, process and organization


Biz_CAD model consists of three models: functional structure, process and organization, based on object-oriented methodology.

Easy to understand

Biz_CAD Model is easy to understand, which enables executives, managers and field workers to comprehend at a first glance.

Business factors


Biz_CAD represents various business factors, like sales amount, profit, cost, products, customers, organizations, information systems, business risk with its simulation and monitoring features.

Consulting, requirement definition of IT, platform of enterprise BPR/BPM, operation manual, EA (enterprise architecture) and organization management.

Biz_CAD can be utilized for the consulting projects, requirement definition phases of IT projects, the platform of BPR/BPM, EA (enterprise architecture), organization management and operation manuals.

Large-scale modeling

Biz_CAD is suitable for large-scale modeling, which enables to model from corporate level to field level with its drill-down feature.

Team collaboration

Biz_CAD supports the team collaboration based on its mutiple model merging feature.



Biz_CAD is multilingual tool corresponds to English and Japanese, which can be utilized by cross-border project.

The modeling data is stored in the database, which enable to download, upload, batch conversion and create the information file to inherit to IT projects.

Free version of Biz_CAD provides all of basic features for modeling. With the Professional version, you can utilize all the advanced features.


What's new?

Sep/24/2018  Some pages were added to this site.
Jul/24/2017   Biz_CAD version 3.1 was launched.
Jun/14/2016  Biz_CAD Free version was released.
Jun/30/2016  Biz_CAD version 3.0 was launched.
Mar/30/2016  Biz_CAD version 2.3 was launched.
Jan/4/2016   Started the recruitment of agencies.
Sep/30/2015  Biz_CAD version 2.2.3 was launched.
May/1/2015   Renewed the homepage.